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  • Rick,    03/09/2016

 I just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a great job Grassy and Eric did for the SES event. Their motivation and positive attitudes are felt far beyond just me. I have had many others that talked with me about them tell me how helpful they were. They are ready and willing to take care of anything that comes up. I cannot imagine doing SES without your/their support.

Thank you,


  • Hi Rick and Denae,   02/09/2016

 I just wanted to say a quick thank you again for the amazing service you guys provided at the Intel event. I just got a chance to meet your brother today Rick and he was great! You guys have an amazing team and I feel honored that I got a chance to work with you both and the team! I have yet to see or hear of a disgruntled employee from S & M! They have all been so positive and easy to work with! Thank you!!

I hope for another opportunity to work together in the future!


  • Dear Raquel,    02/04/16

Thanks Raquel, you are amazing! Looking forward to your call tomorrow.

  • Dear Leahnna,   02/01/16

Thank you for the exceptional job in handling my move to Harrisonburg VA. Me and my family have now more or less settled in. All my personal belongs are now here . I appreciate your professionalism and quick responses/handling of any issues during the move. 


Thank you,


  • Rick,      01/20/16

Chris Macewen went above and beyond by helping me to pack some boxes, label them and then move them to get them shipped to Folsom. I specifically thanked him for his work and told him I would email you and let you know how awesome his help was. It  is also always a pleasure to work with you. From my days reporting to Julie Rice your services were always first class. 

Will Ferrier, MBA

Global Retail Marketing Manager

  • Dear Raquel,   01/05/16

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you again for your service and most importantly coordinating everything to help our move go smoothly.  I can't thank you enough for all of the effort and time you put into making sure our move gets coordinated according to our schedule. Even though it's your job to help do all of the coordination, you went above and beyond the call of duty, so please be sure to pass this on to your manager/supervisor.


Thank you again,

Roejina Stoltzfoos 

  • Kathy & Team, 11-30-15

Three weeks ago I was getting estimates from moving companies for a move from Scottsdale AZ to Seattle WA. I'm 83 years old and was dreading this move at my age until I met the people from S&M who were so nice and helpful and came within 4 boxes of the 112 they estimated - then, after my move I get an email telling me they owe me $500 as they estimated the poundage too high and will send a check. Who does this in this day and age! Oh yes, it was United Van Lines, who probably sent the best driver in the world along with his helper who were so good and so careful that the only damage I had was a crack in a small plastic storage container!
And Kathy, the coordinater at S&M kept me so in the loop I never had a worry the whole time. I'm sure this all sounds too good to be true but being an ex Air Force wife for 31 years with many moves I'm anxious to tell people when someone is excellent at what they do!

Melodee Powers

  • Leahnna,   11-25-15

Thank you so much for following up and Happy Thanksgiving!  First, I just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing help throughout the entire process.  You have been so great and always so quick to respond.    Second, both the team that delivered my items in NY and the team that uncrated the special items did a very nice job.  Very professional and helpful!  I will be sure to complete the survey and assure you that all of my ratings will be the best score.

I have unpacked about half of the boxes so far and will complete the process next week when I return from NC for Thanksgiving.  So far there are only a couple of decorative items that got damaged.  I'll get with you in the next few weeks with the final list and photos so we can wrap the process up.    Again, thank you for such a stress-less move!   

Allen-Ross Stores

  • Jim,   11-19-15

 Smooth in and out. Your team rocked it!

Great thanks from my team to yours!


Kyle Tucker

Project Manager

  • Hi Denise,    10-23-15

  Everything was perfect and we so appreciate the professionalism and courtesy shown by every member of your company. We would definitely use you again the next time we move and will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking. 


Anita and James

  • Amber,    10-20-15

Thanks for all your help, Amber. You've been a lifesaver!


  • Hi Amber,  10-15-15

The overall experience in this shipment was excellent. There was one futon whose 2 legs were broken. I think that was broken already by the time they dismantled it from Portland.

So that is fine. Thanks a lot for providing this excellent service.



  • Thank you Amber,  10-12-15

I am sorry for the delayed response….I finally got my computer set up with Internet:)  Everything went great.  There have been a few noted damages and I will get the complete list to you once we have finished checking all items.  This will likely take about a month…hopefully less.  Thanks again for all your help and professionalism. 


  • Amber,   10-09-15

Thank you again, Amber. You have been incredibly helpful, and I appreciate that.  I'm sure I'm not the easiest client you have dealt with, but I sure hope I am not the worst! Thanks again, there is light at the end of the tunnel and that light is coming from the West Coast. It's been a dream of mine since I was a young computer nerd to live in the Bay Area and work for a technology company. You are playing a huge part in making that dream come, I really cannot thank you enough. But what I can do is leave detailed reviews of the coast to coast move for S&M Moving Systems on Yelp and any other review sites that may help you and your business out.


  • Dear Andrea,   10-03-15


Thank you!  


Everything went smoothly and quickly today, it was truly 

a well coordinated delivery.  


Jesse's crew was on time, and the delivery was over in 

less than three hours, even though I needed

most items unpacked, and there were many, many boxes!


Your delivery suggestions were just perfect, which allowed 

me to check the inventory more efficiently.


My gratitude for this great conclusion naturally extends to Kristy 

of Unigroup, who took impeccable care of my move through 

customs, then until the inland port of LA, coordinating with Bárbara 

of Gerson & Grey of São Paulo as well as with you, Andrea. 


And it is just fair to say that today's delivery and unpacking work

went so smoothly also because my belongings were wonderfully packed

and cared for since the origin. 


Thank you Bárbara!  I saw today for the first time the packing your

company did of my things.  Thank you for being so thorough and 

patient with me for the whole process(not to even mention how 

perfectly bilingual!) .


There is no doubt that today I reached my objective to be reunited 

with my belongings because each of you did an excellent professional

job, both individually and together.

Thank you again, Andrea, for taking me to the finish line.



Emilia Hawk


  • Tracy,  10-01-15

Hope all is well with you.  I believe we are finished.  No Claim needed.  Normal wear and tear of moving over the years.  Thank you and your team for making the move as smooth as you could.

Take care,

Terry Breeden-Freescale Semiconductor

  • Dear Rick,   9-22-15

Hi Rick, now that the third DST is wrapping up I wanted to send a giant thank you to you and your team for your support.  It is always a known that the event will be in good hands, but it is extra nice to know the support always comes with a friendship and a smile.  


Vegas was flawless and the entire team was delightful to work with.  Portland was flawless, Eric and Grassy really delivered - they even came and picked me up downtown and drove me to the campus when my ride fell through.  It was so nice and helped save Intel a nice sum of money.  Sacramento was flawless also!  Eric, Grassy and Matthew have been wonderful and Chris is always a delight.  The guys all can have an engaged, good conversation with the client and are great company.  That is such an important part of the job.


Thanks again, it is always a pleasure!  Can you please make sure the guys know we appreciate them?


J Merry- Intel

  • Dear Denise,   9-11-15

Perfect!  Denise, I want you to know that Gustavo, Michael, Armando and Antonio-Philippe were all great. Gustavo was very accommodating but also in charge. This has been a very good experience, given moves are never fun. 

Debbie- Comcast

  • Dear Denise,  9-10-15

Hi Denise, yesterday's move went flawlessly. Martine and his team were efficient and conscientious. Thank you so much for accommodating my last minute request with such great service.

 Please contact me if you need anything further.




  • Dear Tracy,   9-1-15

 I really, really, really appreciate all that you have done for me.  I know at times it has been rough and I know that I haven't been the easiest to work with, but I truly appreciate everything!  You are the absolute best at your job  and you have gone to bat for me on all the issues.  There are very few people who are genuinely  true professionals,  but you without a doubt the consummate professional.

Chris Cordova- Dell

  • Hi Rick,  8-27-15


    I just wanted to thank you for your help with shipping for the DTTC/Validation Summit. From my end, everything went super smoothly!


    You are quite patient, even with all the people who ask you questions that are clearly answered in your shipping instructions. J


    Please thank the rest of your team for me, in particular Chris. He works so hard to help make the day a success – I am truly grateful and have heard only good things from the people who had to set up and break down their demos.


    Thanks again!


  • Dear Tracy,   8-5-15

This has been the best move I've experienced. Thank you for your consisten and professional support.


Tom  Chambers - Relypsa

  • Dear Denise,   9-13-15

Your crews did a great job. Very professional  one of the best we very dealt with.


Joseph Roberts- LLNL

  • Dear Tracy & Team      7-22-15

I wanted to give you some feedback on our experience with the packers / movers for the Candace Marbury relocation. The team has very professional, worked quickly, and was very respectful when asking questions. There was no observable damage to my home and I was extremely impressed with the custom crating done for the flat screen TV.  The team members were clean and dressed well. I would definitely recommend the experience to my friends. Please pass along our gratitude.

Chris Farmer & Candace Marbury


  •   7-1-2015

Tracy Bowen is a rock star! She is responsive, helpful, and easy to work with. She made the experience much less stressful than it could have been. She followed up with me at every turn, and I cannot express how much I appreciate that. Her attention to detail is amazing. I will highly recommend having her for the S&M Systems move representative.

Elizabeth Bowles- Dell


    • 6/26/2015

    • Hi Andrea,     May 20, 2015
      Thanks for following up. Everything went well. John Vargas was very helpful, friendly, and a pleasure. 

      Warm regards,                                                                                                              



      • May 12, 2015


      By the way Chris is an amazing guy.  He carry's your brand to the tee and he is a really good lead.  Lucky to have him on any of my projects.  Please thank him  

      Matt- Taylor, Inc.


      • May 5, 2015
      I want highly recommend the local team that moved us into our new home for subsequent jobs. They were outstanding, super fast, and went out of their way to help in any way they could.
      Jay-Apple, Inc.
      • April 1, 2015
      I would like to Thank Andrea and all of the team on this end for an amazing job in getting my shipment to the Motherland, so very much appreciated.We look forward to hearing from you closer to the delivery date on the 16th April. Wishing everyone a Very Happy Easter.

      Kind Regards,

      Tracey Aldred

      • Hi Jalyn,    March 18, 2015

       Everything was perfect! …no issues.  Incredibly efficient, fast, and professional; really appreciated how well-executed everything was.  Thank you for checking in-

      Stephen- GoPro


      • Dear Rick & Team,  February 12, 2015

      It is with great pleasure I and our entire team would like to acknowledge the work, enthusiasm, and thoroughness your onsite teams demonstrated during setup and tear down at iSMC 2015. 

      I would like to issue a personal thanks to each one but the list was too long.  During tear-down I was the last remaining person from the BUs to make sure everything was taken care of and was pleased to see everyone I encountered willing to go out of their way to help. This ethic is evident because of the mid-level managers role-modeling great behaviors but also leading their teams in a likewise manner and expecting nothing but the best from them.

       They truly were Super Men as their tees advertised – and for the next event we all will be in safe hands.


        • Dear Rick & Team,   February 12, 2015

        Would like to say thank you for all of your support with the ISMC event this week.  You and your team and amazing.  You all seem to have the get it done attitude which is admirable.

        I appreciate all of your extra effort.  And I am sure we’ll see you next year!


        John-Tiburon Lockers


        • Dear Jalyn,    February 28, 2015

        I was very happy with everything-- the whole process was very smooth and easy for me, and everything arrived safe and sound here in Merced. 

        Thanks very much to you and the Irish company at that end for doing such a great job!


        Rowena- University of California/Merced



        Dear Andrea,    December 18, 2015
        • Thank you very much – it was a great move.Nothing broken that we have found (hopefully nothing surfaces) Only delay was the ports strike/slowdown in LA and Dawne was very responsive during that time, and Andrea did a great job getting our delivery coordinated as soon as possible.
        Many thanks all – Happy Holidays!!

        Jan and Jochen



        • Dear Ms. Meyer & Ms. Tulio,      December 15, 2014

         I wanted to take some time to reach out and communicate how very happy I was to have Denise on my team!  She was superb!  Not only was she good and efficient at her job, but she did it with warmth and joy.  I was truly impressed by her level of customer service.  I can't thank her enough for her diligence and flexibility!  She understood the challenges and stress I was dealing with and made my life so much easier.  She's a gem!

         Many thanks & much appreciation!



        Patricia Martell


        • Tracy & Paul,     December 15, 2014
        From the Move Coordinator's knowledge and responsiveness to the Delivery and Unloading, Tracy and Paul performed Absolutely Outstanding Service and truly Top Notch! 
        Shawn Curtis-Trimble 

        • Dear Denise,    December 11, 2014
        I must say that the move from Morgan Hill into storage was very easy and went very smoothly.  Frank and his crew that moved us to Virginia were very polite, friendly and did an excellent job. Everything was under control and went very efficiently.  The service we received from United  and S&M Moving has been a great experience.  Would recommend you anytime.  Will let you know if I need anything else. You were a wonderful go between, Denise.  Keep up the great work.
        • Hi Jalyn,    November 19, 2014

        Everything got delivered and I haven’t seen anything missing or damaged…

        Thanks a lot to you and your crew for their excellent service.



        • Hi Tracy,   November 14, 2014

        “During my corporate relocation, S&M Moving systems took care of everything from beginning to end providing unmatched customers service, coordination and attention to detail. S&M Moving systems took the stress of moving state completely out of the equation. I highly recommend S&M Moving Systems and would not hesitate to use them again”


        Thanks for reaching out to me, You specifically really done a great job on my move. Your reasureance over the phone to my questions really put mine and my wife’s concerns at ease. Once I get the survey to complete regarding the complete move I will be mentioning what a great job you have done



        Lee- APL



        • Hello Andrea,   October 2, 2014
        Well, we have finally moved into our home.  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with our move.  S & M moving and their international partners have done an amazing job.  Selling and moving house are two of the most stressful events on a family and your team really helped to keep the stress to a minimum.  





        • Hi Rick,   September 24, 2014

        Just wanted to let you know that Chris, Eric and Grassy all nailed it yet again.  Excellent customer service, amazing attitudes and an ability to make everyone’s day better!  I am so lucky to be able to work with these fine gentlemen and truly look forward to the next time our paths will cross.

        Thank you for sending them our way, I hope they can get some appropriate appreciation for their outstanding work ethics and onsite support!  They have my undying appreciation, respect and friendship!  



        Merry Burns- Intel



        • Dear Jalyn,     September 19, 2014


        Wanted to thank you for the excellent work done by you and your team for both Air and Sea shipments. Everything arrived properly, nothing was damaged, both the people in France and here took care of us greatly. It was a smooth and enjoyable experience.


        Thank you very much,

        Florent Ducrot- Applied Global Services

        • Hi Tracy,   August 31, 2014

         Thank you so much for all you did throughout our move to make sure that we were taken care of and that our delivery was able to happen within the time period we were available. You were very attentive to our needs, and from our first conversation informed me that you would do all you could to help us, and you delivered on your promise. Thank you so much for your help in making our move as seamless for us as possible. It was a pleasure working with you.


        I would like to make your manager aware of our experience, so please send this email on to him/her and let them know that they can contact me with any questions. My husband and I feel very blessed to have had our move assigned to you. Best wishes for a great future!


        Kind regards,

        Katherine and Josh Poulter


        • Dear Andrea,    August 27, 2014

        Thank you very much.

         Just an additional note, the guys who came in to pack did an amazing job.  They were very careful and finished packing & loading in time.


        Thank you again for the help.



        • Dear Denise,  August 18, 2014

          Martin and Javier left about 15 minutes ago.  What a wonderful experience!  My move went perfectly.  They worked very efficiently and were very pleasant to have in my home.

           Thank you so much.  Your company has impeccable customer service.  

           Cathy Fithian

          • Tracy,    July 29, 2014

             Thank you so much for a remarkable moving experience.  You and your teams have been awesome.

             If I have to relocate again, I would certainly hope that S and M would be my movers!

            Michael- Ross Stores



            • Hello Andrea,   July 23, 2014

            Thank you for all your fine help.

            It is greatly appreciated.

            Howard Glendon


            • Amber,    July 7, 2014
             We wanted to let you know that you have been very helpful during this relocation, always answering any questions in a timely manner.

            Also, the moving crew in Phoenix has done a good job helping with the delivery.


            • Hi Andrea,    June 19, 2014
            Thanks! Great news!  I am looking forward to starting this new adventure and chapter in my life and am glad you and S & M are helping facilitate the transition. 

             Very good. 

            Please keep me posted. :-)

            All the best. 


            • Dear S & M Moving Systems,    June 9, 2104
            I have to say that the crew from S&M were all very polite and professional, and did a really good job. They stayed calm and cheerful everyday, even when things got frustrating - which really helped me to do the same! They cleaned up every scrap of paper & packing litter after breaking down the boxes, which I really appreciated. They were also very conscious of potential impact on our neighbours, and were quick to shift the container or truck if someone needed to get around them. 

            Thank you very much for your assistance. 



            Linda Wilde


            • Dear Tracy,       June 10, 2014

             Thank you. I will certainly be happy to rate you very well. We have not opened the boxes yet and will do so over the next few months.  I appreciate having the time to respond to this patiently.

             Jagdeep. COO-UC Berkeley


            • Dear Andrea,        June 2, 2014

            One more time I would like to thank you very much for your help and assistance. Was a pleasure working with you. Congratulation for your professional services.

            All the best,



            • Hi Amber,           June 2, 2014

             I just wanted to let you know that things went very smooth on both days of the pack and load. Both crews were very efficient, both lead by very experienced and professional supervisors that know what they're doing, and take the time to train and coach the members of their teams! A very positive experience thus far. I'll keep in touch to track the cross-country moving team.

            Bryan Z.


            • To Amber and All involved,             June 2, 2014

            I want to thank you all for your help on my relocation, it was hard for me to move from South Carolina but it was made easier with your support. I have a home now and my wife and I are able to start our new life. All rental cars are turned in and checked out of the hotel  yesterday.

            Stan Garland- Tesla



            • Hi Amber,    April 4, 2014

            Thank you very much for the help of my relocation. It is a wonderful experience. I do have a chair broken. Except that, everything is perfect. Thanks again. 

            Best Regards,

            Walt Zhou - Applied Materials



            • Tracy,??     April 4, 2014

            Thank you for the follow up.??I can't wait to receive the survey so I may formally document the wonderful treatment and guidance I have received from you. You stayed in touch with from day one and it was very reassuring to know you had a handle on everything.??From you, to the packing team of wonderful ladies from Hilldrup Moving; Ellendal, and her team Sondra and Sasha, to loading/unloading by Milo; I am extremely grateful for the friendly and professional people that took care of my cross country move.??As you know, Ross and you have moved me numerous times and each one topped the last one. ??I have never had packers be so thorough, and descriptive in the manner they worked and labeled my boxes....honestly the job they did identifying contents is the best ever! ??This is the second time Milo has moved me. The trait I respect most about Milo is his absolute control of every facet of the move. He is a kind man who sincerely wants to make your move smooth. His memory for every little detail is impressive. ??So Tracy, my genuine appreciation goes out to you and the teams you have.??

            Thank you,?? Carlene Stewart?- Ross Stores



            • Amber    April 4, 2014

            I know a few colleagues relocating as well. They call me  to ask about the experience. I told them S & M Moving Systems provides exceptional service. The people are courteous and very helpful. The driver was very professional. Top shelf all the way! I believe this feedback eased the anxiety which usually comes with moving. 

            Alex- APL


            • Hi Sharon,     March 24, 2014

            Thanks for the follow up. Nancy has reported that everything has gone very well. We have found no damage at all. The team was extremely helpful and professional. Good job!! I think our last action (for now) is to have the boxes collected from our home.  I think Nancy will contact the local team today or tomorrow.


            Jim and Nancy- Applied Materials



            • Hey Amber!   March, 20, 2014

            Larry and the movers went above and beyond and we both very much appreciated every aspect of their hard work!  As we've started unpacking I do seem to remember something about calling someone to pick up broken down boxes but to be honest, with this whirlwind I could have just dreamt it.  Let us know if you guys want the recycling otherwise we'll just put it in the local recycling bin.Thanks so much for all of your help, this was a very easy experience!

             Rob- Nvidia



            • Hi Belinda,    March 19, 2014

             Thanks so much for your kindness and consideration during our move.  It has been a stressful few weeks for our family, but we are finally settled into our new home and couldn’t be happier.

             I’d also like to commend the crew that delivered our shipment.  Khalid and Mike were amazing – they were professional, courteous and also very considerate and accommodating to all of our needs.  They worked quickly and efficiently but also went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and happy with the move.  Remarkably we have yet to find a single damaged item – great job!

             Thanks again – our family appreciates everything you’ve done!


            Faraz.  PayPal


            • Sharon,     March 6, 2014


            Just wanted to let you know that the packing/loading of the move went very well. It was a great crew - knew their business, very solicitous of my stuff and home.

            They arrived right at 8am and were done by 1:30am. Please let them know how pleased I am.

            Third party craters were also very good.

            Here’s hoping the other end goes as well.

            Thecla- FreeScale


            • Hi Sharon   February 26, 2014

             Thanks for the follow up.

            We can report that we have received our air shipment and everything was perfect.

            The local team helped us unpack our boxes and we have already staged everything in our condo.

            No damage!! We were very pleased with the teams in Mountain View, Las Vegas, and here in Singapore.


            Jim- Applied Materials


            • Thank you Tracy,    January 30, 2014 

            I appreciate your help!  You and your team will be getting an excellent rating from me!

            Jamie- Ross



            • Hi Team,   January 21, 2014

            First I would like to report that the delivery and pick-up in Las Vegas went flawlessly!!

            Nancy worked with the team on both ends and reported everything went very smooth.

            The team was professional and efficient.

            Please pass on our appreciation

            James White- Applied Materials




            • Amber, - January 19, 2014

             Thanks for all your help, you have been very helpful all the way we appreciate your help. Except the damages our overall experience with the move was good.





            • Andrea  - January 17, 2014

            You rock! Thanks for doing your part and making this less a lot less painful.

            Larry Grace


            • Hi Tracy-- January 9, 2014

             Thank you so much for your help with this process. It has been very nice working with you and your company.

             Please send forward the survey.






            • Hi Clay, -  January 9, 2014

             Milena and I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent experience we had shipping the car from Miami to Mountain View.  Every step of the way we were updated, and everyone was helpful and professional.  It was a painless experience, and we’ll be sure to recommend you all to folks needing to ship their vehicles.

             Thanks again, and have a great 2014.

             Paul - Tibco 



            • Hi Andrea,-  January 3, 2014

             Thanks for checking in. We received excellent service. Rob and Alan were here on time, were very careful with our things and had a great attitude.

             They helped us unpack 4 boxes (and my wife and I unpacked another 2). So far everything in perfect condition).

             Thanks again to both of you, have a great weekend.





            • Hi Jim, - December 4, 2103

            ?I want to let you know that I really appreciate how Diana has gone above and beyond with the training meeting in Scottsdale.  Plans have changed several times over the course of 3 days and Diana has rolled with the punches and still took care of us.  I told her earlier today that if she didn't want to talk to me again, I would understand, as I wouldn't want to talk with me with the changes we've been making.  Diana is doing a great job and I enjoy working with her.  She a great resource and I hope you don't lose her!!!!!


            Kate Watson - Olympus America, Inc.


            • Dear Jalyn,  -  December 3, 2013

            Everything worked perfectly!!!! There are no damages and the crew was fast, efficient and very friendly!!! I will be happy to provide a very positive feedback and should I move back to Germany I would love to rely on your services again. A special "thank you" to you for all your help!??

            All the best,




            • Amber,  -  November 29, 2014

             Truth be told, we’re stressed out. It’s the accumulation of all the pieces of a cross country move. In any event, I am pleased with the service you have provided us. So much so, that we would hesitate one second in contacting you in the future for any moves within the area or to any other locale for that matter.

            Andrew Netto- SRI



            • Hi Denise – November 22, 2013

            Very good move yesterday. The delivery driver, Gus, and his associate were two of the nicest gentlemen we have met in our seven or eight prior moves. Please extend our thanks to them. We were also very pleasantly surprised at the very good condition of the furniture we had in storage with you for more than six years. Even the upholstered pieces are still in pretty good condition, certainly better than we had expected, after six years in the warehouse. The driver who did the pick-up from our San Jose house back in 2007 clearly did a very good job of wrapping (clear plastic) and padding all of the pieces. We still have a couple of mirror packs to open; we opened one and the glass table top packed inside was in great shape.

             Finally, we were pleased with the help we received from you and Mike Palos. Very first contact was last Friday and we are spending this Friday settling the pieces into our home.

            Would appreciate it if you could please send a copy of the final charges for moving and storage when you have billed them out to our MasterCard.

            Have a good weekend and enjoy Thanksgiving.

            Frank Field Photography


            Hi Andrea,   November 21, 2013

            Martin & Jaime were here right with in the scheduled time of delivery, listened attentively to my instructions, went right to work, called out package numbers and finished in a timely manner. Fantastic! 

            Thank you much for arranging the delivery of our shipment so efficiently and professionally.

            Happy Thanksgiving!

            Best regards,



            • Rick, November 15, 2013

             I would like to tell you how great Chris MacEwen and Eric McKenzie performed.  They are very professional and bent over backwards to ensure we had a successful event.  I have enjoyed working with these two fine gentlemen and would like to work with them again in the future.  Take good care of these guys for me.

            Thanks and Have Great Moments!

            Phil Mandella - Intel


            • Hi Amber,   10/28/13

             My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude and great satisfaction to you and the whole shipping team for the BEST service that we've ever had. It is a rather long distance from FL to CA. We understand there much be a lot of difficulties to ship all of our households without any damage. All them arrived with careful packing and none of them has been damage even a little bit. What a GREAT job!!!

             We are also very grateful for your arrangement and trying your best to meet our schedule. Thank you guys very much again. I will definitely recommend S&M Moving to my friends in the future once I get a chance. 

            Best regards,

             Xiaochang- SanDisk Corporation



            • Tracy,  10/28/13

            Many thanks for all of your help so far - we greatly appreciate it. We have had a fantastic experience working with you.

            Warm regards,

            Wendy- DropBox



            • Hi Judy!  10/21/13

            Thank you so much for your great service and support!  I can see why a large company like Apple respects your professionalism.  Continued success, and thanks for checking back with us.  I hope your 2013 finishes with you happy and healthy!


            Anthony & Natalie Sundermeier- Apple, Inc.


            • “Hi Sharon,   10/3/13

            Thanks for the follow up! Everything went very smooth thru the moving process. Your company provided us the great service!”

             Thank you very much!

            Katherine. & Andrew- FreeScale


            • Dear Jalyn,   9/16/13

            Everything arrived in perfect condition and your guys did a fabulous job, thank you very much for your excellent service.” 

            Best Regards, 

            Cathy English- Oracle



            • "Hi Jalyn,   9/14/13

            Thanks for checking on this!!

            Your service is really very good. All items were intact and there was no damage to any of the items.

            I really appreciate the care you have taken for the shipment.

            Those two respective ladies, who came for delivery of the shipment, they were very nice and took utmost care for the items.

            I would like to give them a big thanks!

            Please convey my thanks to them.

            Thanks for all your prompt communication during the shipment!"




             And to your staff, a huge thank you from me that you continue to take great care of Microchip employees!"

             Diana Albert- Microchip


            • Dear Belinda,    9-13-13

            Everything went very well.

            Thank you very much for your excellent support.


            Best regards,

            Reinhard Winkler- HP

            • "Dear Danielle,?   9/12/13

            I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.??Details of the Recommendation: "I hired S&M Moving Systems because of Danielle Dahl. She was courteous and friendly and always followed through with what she said she would do. She called as a follow-up to my online interest in getting moving estimates. We set up an appt and she came to my condo on time. She did a visual estimate which ended up being just a bit higher than the actual cost. None of the other moving companies came out to my condo - we all relied on Danielle's estimate. After our first appt, Danielle didn't continually call me but waited a couple of weeks because she knew I wasn't ready. She even showed up on moving day to make sure everything went well. I highly recommend working with Danielle and S&M Moving Systems."


            Teri Bach


            • "Jalyn,   9/10/13

            Nothing less than outstanding :-) "

            Gokulakrishnan D. - Dell, Inc.


            • "Thank you Jalyn,    9/4/13

            The shipment arrived yesterday and the crew was excellent and very professional."

            Bengt Samuelson- Oracle


            • "Judy,   9/4/13

            Rob and the team did a great job.  Of all of our moves, this was clearly the best one.

            Thanks again for all your help."


            Rick & Ceci Hammond- Apple, Inc.


            • "Judy,   9/3/13

            You're amazing-thanks so much!
            Jeff Griffin- Apple, Inc.


            • "Hi Tracy,   8/30/13

             Thank you very much for the continuous help during my moving. It was a great experience which relieved me a lot from stressful relocation. I would like to give you guys 5 for the rating."


            Wei Shen- Salesforce


            • "Hello Amber,   8/30/13

            I really appreciate your tremendous assistance. I can only use "perfect" to describe your great job."


            Shufeng Liu- SRI, International


            • "Clay,??  8/27/13

            The move was so smooth and extremely organized.  I think my husband and I spent more time worrying about it than what took your folks to get it done. ??I specifically like to recognize Robert Bond and Greg Bond ; what a fantastic team.  They were extremely polite, very professional, organized  and  very very hard workers.    I am not sure if they even took any breaks. These type of folks are hard to come by!     Thank you for assigning them to our move.  Both my husband and I are looking forward to seeing them again for the drop off at our new place.??I also like to recognize the great work that your coordinator Denise Curry did for us.  She followed through the entire move all the way from beginning to end. ? ??Last but not least  please extend our appreciation to Mike Palos  for  all the great work on estimation.???Overall, this is was such a great experience, I cannot even find the right words to describe it.  ??Great Team. Great process. Great Professionalism.?? THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU….."

            Ivgen Guner- Oracle


            • "Tracy,   8/18/13

            I would like to take this chance to thank you for the wonderful arrangement and the crew are really nice. If 10 is excellent ranking I will rank 20 for your arrangement and crew."

            Best regards,

            Lei Lin - SanDisk Corporation


            "Hi Judy,    6/20/13

            I am fortunate to get your help/support during the my relocation and your help from day one has been great and made our relocation much smoother, everything was very well organized starting from packing to temp delivery and final delivery and unpacking of bigger items, car pick-up, car delivery, TV packing and unpacking. I didn't had to worry about any of the items other than looking for home/apartment .. :) 

            I would like to put good word and recommendation for you. Please let me know whom to send." 

             Best Regards,



            • "Hi Belinda   7/16/13

            To let you know that the shipping arrived safely and timely. Thanks a lot for everything.

            Good work!"


            Percy Condori- Rio Tinto



            • "AWW!! JUDY!! 6/14/13

            I can't thank you enough!! Now it's time for your reward....LOL! Well good news reward that is..:) We just got David's sign-on bonus!!! Now we can pick up a few things at a Goodwill store (to stay on the cheap) and manage just fine until Saturday!! Please don't worry about getting us an earlier delivery date!! I love all you have done and simply don't have the words to express my feelings adequately!! 

            Love you to dear!! I hope that we will stay in touch after this 'cuz you're a marvelous lady and I would be honored to develop a friendship with you!! I'm on FB (live there practically) under Nett Wilson and For Women About Women (my own Please feel free to friend me I will definitely be pleased to confirm you!! 

            Have the loveliest day!!!" :) <3

            Nett Wilson- Apple, Inc.


            • "Dear Judy, 6/12/13

            I want to tell you that Ryan is amazing!!! The whole crew was amazing but Ryan was the leader.  One of the crew was saying when they were unloading that Ryan is the best to work with as some drivers just want it unloaded and Ryan takes pride in the way he facilitates the move.??Ryan and both crews (in CA and TX) are a HUGE asset to your company and if I had to relocate again, I'd personally request him and them and with being in this corporate environment will recommend your company and crew!!!!?? As for your service.....a true asset to your company as you were my new best friend and you did talk me down stress level wise and really your sincerity beamed through the telephone as I know your job must be challenging day to day with us stress cases calling you!  You have been nothing but  a pleasure to work with and I thank you for such a smooth transition.??"


            Dana Dwyer-Oracle


            • "Dear Jaclyn, 6/12/13

            Every aspect of my move went very well and to my complete satisfaction. I like to thank you, Alessandra, and all other people involved for all your help and support that made my moves to   China and back to Germany so easy and  pleasant."

            Best Regards,

            Thomas Klein- Nvidia



            • Dear Mary Meyer and Sharon Tulio, 6/12/13

            I'd like to compliment one of your employees, Andrea C. Palacio , for the excellent service she provided me over the last few weeks coordinating the delivery of a shipment for Mr. John Sheaffer. Ms. Palacio helped me with a smooth and seamless delivery, from initiation to final execution, while providing superior customer service.??In current times, customer service has taken a hit in our society. Phone trees with prerecorded messages, calls routed to off-shore call centers and a lack of concern for the customer past the bottom line has sadly become the norm. However, Ms. Palacio's professionalism, proactive communication, both by email and phone, and a genuine concern for making the delivery as smooth and painless as possible would be outstanding at any time. ??There were some complications with the delivery and she helped assuage my concerns and delivered superior assistance, solved all problems, while keeping me in the loop. Her skills shine forth not only in customer service, but in her ability to coordinate, manage the project, and problem solve. I say this having served professionally both a project manager and as a VP of Client Services, ??Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will personally recommend S&M Moving Systems to anyone I know planning a move and would happily entrust S&M Moving with my moves in the future."


            Clarissa Moore


            • "Hello Belinda, 6/6/13

            Thank you for the final check up. Everything went very well. I would like to thank and commend you and your team for the hard work and excellent service you provide."

            Best Regards,

            Justin White


            • "Belinda, 6/2/13

            Everything on the process (packing and unpacking here in Brazil) has been a great experience.

            So I would like to really thank you for all the help along the course of this activity, and I would always ask apologies for the time it took for the paperwork to be ready on my side but I was really under a lot of stress and full of activities on my work that delayed this.

             I sincerely thank you for all the support and look forward to provide such feedback that you mention."

            Many Thanks,

            Erick Rocha- Technicolor Brazil


            • "Hi Judy,   5/30/13

             Rob and his crew were fantastic - they arrived on time and were very efficient. They were also funny and very easy to work with.

             Judy - your support and attention from day one till the last moment was top notch. I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful!

             I wish you all the best in life and I hope that I wasn't a difficult case for you!"


            Voja- Apple, Inc.


            • "Hi Denise, 5/29/13

              I would like to say thank you for your help on our moving day. If you didn't locate your local team to move on May 20th, there would be a big trouble for us to vacate our apartment on time. We would also miss our flight. We are really appreciate your help. We've deal with other movers in the past, but none of them are really care about customer like you. All my friends who have experience dealing with mover were all surprised about your service. Thank you!"

            Wei-Lien Yen


            • "Tracy, 5/24/13

            Wanted to drop you a note to thank you personally for all your help along the way in this move process.  We are finally at the end of unloading the what seemed like hundreds of boxes and I, along with my wife, are thrilled with the performance of the moving crew.  We have not found one item broke, scratched, marred or other – everything has been perfect and for that we are very grateful.  Please pass along my sincere thanks to all involved particularly Tom, our Driver, whose leadership skills coupled with interpersonal skills made this effort so easy for us.  Tom is a true professional by every measure.  Thank you so much as we will definitely look your way should we move again."

            Best Regards,

            Bill Garrett, President & CEO



            • "Hi Miss Bowen,  5/22/13

            I received my stuff yesterday, with all items delivered safely and correctly. I am writing to thank you all for your help with my stuff moving. Please forward my appreciation to who helped with my case. Again thank you very much! I will definitely consider your company first next time I want my stuff delivered."

            Zoujie - SanDisk Corporation


            • "Hi Judy, 5/22/13

            Paul, James, and Felix arrived on time this morning (8 AM) and were done before noon. They did a great job -- we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks and I'll look forward to the updates!"

            John Lee- Apple, Inc.


            • "Hey Judy, 5/21/13

             Wanted to let you know the move went smoothly yesterday. Everything arrived in excellent condition and the movers were incredibly fast. Thanks again for all you help."



            • "Jalyn –  5/19/13

            Thank you so much for coordinating everything. You are great! Thank you all once again."

            Aruna- Dell Corporation


            • "Hi Amber, 5/17/13

            Just want to thank you for working with us during our recent move. You were great and we are very happy with you and S&M in general."




            • "Judy, 5/17/13

            Jeff was great, just like you. You both made the move look easy.Thanks a lot for the support through out. We really appreciate it."

             Praveen- Apple, Inc.


            • "Belinda, 5/7/13

            The crew were great and nothing appeared damaged! And thanks for rescuing us from the destination gaff!! Something we certainly won't forget!!

            Thanks for everything."



            • "Karen, 5/1/13

            Thank you for addressing our concerns and questions and making decision to reimburse money for broken item and also item missing key parts rendering entire unit as non-functional.

            I am very pleased working with S&M Moving Systems company and consider it being one of the best in the United States. If even in the future I will need moving related services S&M Moving Systems will definitely be my first choice.

            Best regards,


            • "Hi Amber, 4/23/13

             I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the coordination of the all moving process.

            They arrived on time and I got everything just fine.

            So I really appreciate your work on this and make sure you tell your manager. Great job!"


             Cludia (Salesforce)


            • "Andrea, 4/18/13

            The move went very smoothly today. Thanks so much for your coordination and for the moving teams hard work.  I'm looking forward to the move, so thanks for making this part of it  less stressful :-)"



            • "Andrea & Jaime, 3/27/13

            Thank you for your coordination and the very professional and friendly service. I also thank Mr. Jaime who delivered my goods for doing an efficient and great work."

            Until we move again,


            • "Rick, Mike, Jay & S & M Team, 3/25/13

            I have been the lead meeting planner on ISS since 2006 and the event has grown amazingly since then.  2013 was my seventh and last time as lead for the program.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your team on every ISS and this year did not disappoint!

             We had a very tight load in time.  We had a new fire marshal trying to make his mark.  We had venue issues – really all the usual on this challenging event.  With every curve ball, Rick rolled with it with grace (yeah I know!) and a willingness to do what it took to get the job done! 

             Not only did Rick work well with what I could get him – which wasn’t the greatest – he kept up the efforts to stage the Intel trucks in the best feasible branding light.  That alone earns him incredible praise as the answers were “no” for a long long time.  That he ultimately got the yes does not surprise me in the least, he is a very persuasive gentleman!

             Taylor had a bigger role at ISS this year, and that meant even more work for your guys.  Your guys make Taylor shine, that is an amazing partnership and rises the bar AGAIN on what your team can do!

             The Showcase build time was almost unworkable but David Q and Mike worked miracles and the client was so very happy with the outcome.  GREAT job to all who worked that crazy timeline build in the showcase – I was amazed!

             Julio continues to wow the customers.  He helped a lot with LAR BOA and the client was so very pleased, his customer service skills are spot on!  His positive attitude at all times is very calming and truly appreciated!

             Eric is such a strong resource.  He is always willing to help, no matter what he has on his plate.  His genuine care about his performance shines right through and anytime I place a call for help and Eric walks up, I know I am in the best possible hands.

             Chris can make you smile in a moment and on this show, that was gold.  He is everywhere, his demeanor is so very calm and reassuring and his “can-do no problem” attitude puts you are ease knowing whatever it is will be handled.  He also personally makes sure you are all good, helping pull you out of a down moment.  That care is very special to our team!

             There were a lot of new guys and I didn’t get the chance to know them all, to my chagrin as I am always inspired by this team.  But a few standouts for me are:

             David G, Zach, Darren and Cody all are standouts among an excellent team! David was fearless getting the column wraps up.  He always had a smile and asked how my day was.  He has consistently shined J  Every time I saw Zach he was polite and willing to help.  He always said hello and made you feel like he was there to help.  Darren helped me out a lot by dropping some cards off at the Sheraton and he owns and takes care of registration with pride.  He helps make sure all the things that are needed, even out of his scope, are asked for and ready to go J.  Cody has a great work ethic and again, it is a theme, he is always willing to help. Always has a smile, and no job is beneath him.  He is a pleasure to work with. 

             The entire team are stars – I would love to sing their praises to you all day long!  Rick continues to amaze me.  How he steps up his game - show after show - is inspiring and something I strive to do myself.  His tribal knowledge is priceless and reflects his amazing attention to detail.  His copious notes and his memory have helped save the day too many times to remember.  He also has an incredible ability to get out and mingle with the customer.  That helps uncover opportunities and make the client feel even more secure that the shipping team has their back.  Personally working with Rick makes me a better planner and a better person.  Our ability to strategize and discuss events has helped me perform better and I am eternally thankful for that partnership.

             I wish we could have done more for the team.  I really hope you will let them know how priceless they are to our team.  We could not do our jobs effectively without the amazing partnership with Rick during the planning process and the entire team’s partnership once we are onsite.  We have felt and been treated like family and that is what I will miss the most!  This team rocks, it always has and I know it always will.  I will be proud of them for the next ISS they deliver cause I know they will deliver and then some! 

             Thanks for your time and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with SMMoving, Rick and the team."


             Merry Burns-Intel


            • "Rick, 2/7/13

            I want to take the time to personally thank you for your leadership of the entire United S&M team, and both you and Denae for yet another stellar performance team at ISMC 2013!
            I know this was a tough usual, your team pulled through and performs miracles onsite - they just get it done!  
            I was sad that you both could not join me for dinner so I could take the time to celebrate you and all the work you put into both planning for ISMC and the amazing jobs you do while you are there. I will be sure to schedule that earlier in the future!
            Additionally, thanks for your assistance with the Taylor Group this year....they made sure to pass on that the teamwork was excellent and they look forward to that continued relationship.
            We will be conducting post mortems in the next two weeks; I look forward to your feedback of how we can continue to improve our program.  I will be sure to pass on any comments that come through the surveys as well.
            Please pass on my personal thanks to your teams for a job well done. 
            Thank you again."


            Michelle Walters/SMG University Events Programs Mgr.- Intel


            • "Warren, Denise, Mike P., Julio, Khaled & Joel,

            I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to tell you thank you for assisting in our move earlier this week.The entire 4-man team, led by Julio Lopez was professional, extremely helpful and very efficient in moving us. My mother-in-law and wife even made comments on how nice they were (compared to some other companies we’ve experienced in the past). Denise and Mike were also helpful in coordinating the move and providing us boxes free of charge!  It was overall a great experience. It is all much appreciated and thank you again!"

            Dustin Vicari/New Stadium Sales & Service


            • "Denise,

            I have been working with Denise for a very long time, 10-15 years (maybe longer)?  Denise has always been my favorite when my moves are coming out of the Bay or into storage.  She never says  no until she  has worked through all avenues and then works something out.   She is fun and very efficient at her  job.  I also like S&M’s confirmation of SIT delivery dates we are receiving  more agencies should be using this. Please give her a hug for me as we start the peak season sometimes we are to busy to say thank you to the people that make it out."

            Cindy Pratt/Mesa Moving & Storage- United Van Lines Agent


            • "Judy,

            Thank you for your service.  Your professionalism and consistent communication was greatly appreciated during these tumultuous times."

            Seth Reightler/Apple, Inc.

            Santa Clara, CA


            • "Judy, 

            I can't say thank you enough.  All of the gentlemen who assisted us with our move were absolutely wonderful.  We appreciate all of their help.  Rob, Carlos and Greg went above and beyond any of our expectations.  They were friendly, engaged, fast but careful and extremely helpful.  They helped unpack all of the wardrobe boxes right away and even fixed some items that were in need of repair.  We did not find any broken items so far and I don't expect to since they were very diligent. I would love to use or your service again and would be happy to recommend to anyone.Thank you again for everything."

             Debbie Bruce/Apple, Inc.

            Santa Clara, CA


            • "Jalyn,

            Jalyn was fantastic during this whole process.  She helped to keep my move as efficient and stress-free as possible during this hectic time. Many thanks to each of you for doing a fantastic job!  Extra thanks to Jalyn for her personalized service!"


            Barry Abe/Tesla

            Waipahu, HI


            Appreciation letter to Denise Curry, Mike Dahl, Gustavo and Team - Great Job!!

            written by: Pam Hodges-Los Gatos, CA

            Click here to see letter


            • "Judy,

            You are the absolute epitome of excellent customer service. Thank you so much for taking care of Shenoda and all of my transferees thus far. You're the best!

            Anna Laureola/Lexicon Relocation


            • "Judy,

            Happy Holidays to you and your family as well! Thank you for a fantastic job and stress free move - the best ever!

            Joe Militello/Apple

            San Jose, CA


            • "Amber,

            I jut wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am working with Amber. She always takes the time to go the extra mile for me and my transferees! I rarely have to ask for updates as she provides them to me promptly! Most importantly, she always has a positive attitude and maintains her professionalism. 
            She is a rock star and represents S&M Moving well! Please let her know what an amazing job she is doing!"

            Heather Resent eBay/Aires


            • Appreciation Letter to driver, Henry Gandall and his associates. Written by: Gail Chesley, Varian

                     Appreciation Letter-click here


            • Nice referral compliment Judy Clark: "Judy Clark at S&M Moving is fabulous and they are one of Oracle's "preferred" moving companies."

             Sharie Leird- Lexicon Relocation


            • "Jalyn,

            Move was excellent…I would give high marks for the moving company. Thanks.

            Gavan Goss, Dell Corporation

            Dublin, IR


            • "Jalyn,

            The move went very smoothly, and I have no issues to report. It was a pleasure working with you."

            Mackenzie Lemmer, Dell Corporation

            Bratislava, SV


            • "Danielle,

            The air shipment arrived in good condition. Everything was absolutely perfect with the delivery and its organization. Thank you."

            Martin Schoenhof, FormFactor

            Dresden, Germany


            • "Jalyn,

            Hello, Jalyn! The moving portion of our relocation handled by S&M and United Van Lines was by far the best and most successful part. Every single person we came into contact with was an absolute pleasure to deal with and it made an enormous difference for us at this overwhelming time. I have unpacked all of the kitchen and dining room including all of my crystal and antique family china – all of which was perfectly packed.

             Thank you, Jalyn, for all of your efforts on our behalf. I know our move was more of a pain than most given our housing situation. We greatly, greatly appreciate all of the support we received from you!"

            Sue Cronheim, Dell Corporation

            Vancouver, BC


            • Clay,

            Congratulations to Clay Goodman on his recognition by United and the UniGroup Worldwide as the 2012 Sales Achievement Award recipient. I always look up to Clay as a great leader in everything he does. He is always inspirational in everything

            Terry Stockwell

            Stockwell's Custom Painting


            • "Jaclyn,

             I want to thank you and your team for their excellent work to help pack/load  my house in the past 2 days.  The experience of our moving so far is fantastic.  It was absolutely great experience.  We are looking forward to your team in Singapore to help us unpack late June/early July!  Have a nice weekend!

            Zhitao Cao, Applied Materials



            • "Sharon,

             Quick update from Beijing/China: My container arrived safely and the service received on this side - so far, fingers crossed - truly exceeds my expectations. Outstanding support, excellent communication, especially from Cynthia Tan from Unigroup. Just to let you know that the company here is an excellent match for your excellent service in the Bay Area. Thanks again for the all-around excellent service."

            Dirk Meyer, Adobe

            Beijing, China


            • "Today I received all my things in Bogota. The service was very, very professional! I just wanted to say thanks a lot!"


            Bogota, Columbia


            • "Hi Judy:

            Thanks for all your efforts in making our move as seamless as possible.  We really appreciate it!  I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with both the packing and loading crew, and you.  They have not only met our expectations, but have exceeded it in many ways.  

             Apart from the initial scheduling debacle, the actual packing was done very professionally and efficiently.  Having started at 3:30pm with a crew of 3, a couple of hours later they managed to get a reinforcement of yet another 3 guys in an effort to complete the packing sooner (by 7:30pm) instead of much later; that was simply awesome!  Because of their foresight, we were able to go to bed earlier than we had expected and catch up on some much needed rest before the early start on the following morning for loading.  They were the epitome of professionalism and courtesy and efficiency; they even offered to take away (and we gratefully accepted) all of our old unused (electronics and other) boxes which was of immense help to us!  Their sharp memory and attention to details were impressive!  I'm still amazed at how they remembered all of our initial directions of what to pack and what not to pack, special labels for certain boxes, etc.  

             The driver and the loading crew of 3 all arrived within the specified time window during early morning.  The driver Rudy seemed just as you said and more - an expert at his job!  He has obviously mastered the art of loading; we were very impressed with his furniture packing skills, along with his photographic memory and ability to direct the crew from within the truck as to which pieces to bring down and place in which specific spot in the truck; it is as if upon taking a look at all of the packed and un-packed pieces in our home, he drew a visual plan in his mind as to where each piece would go; the fact that he remembered each of the specific pieces (that he viewed early morning) even during the latter half of the day, is in itself an amazing feat, in our opinion!  Even we wouldn't have remembered as accurately despite having owned these items for a long time.  The crew of 3 were just as good as their colleagues from the previous day!  Their ability (just like the packing crew) to make custom boxes out of the existing standard ones, for specific items of odd sizes, definitely deserves a mention!  

             Please convey our sincere and heartfelt thanks to each of them.  We could not have had such a seamless 'move-out' experience without every one of their thoughtful and skilled assistance."

            From: A Happy Corporate Customer

            San Jose, CA


            • "Dear Preston/Jalyn,

             Thanks a ton, goods arrived safe and sound. Much appreciated for all your help and guidance."

            Karthik Swaminathan, Dell Corporation

            Austin, TX


            • "Judy, thanks again for everything - you've been awesome to work with!! Please do let me know where/to whom I can send our compliments and a rave review!"

            From: A Happy Corporate Customer

            Redwood City, CA


            • Hi Sharon,

             "Thank you for your email and support.  Our air shipment was received with no reported issues.  Very nice and professional support by all who help get us this shipment.  Thank you very much!!!"

            Ken Johnson, Applied Materials




            • "Dear Judy, first let me thank you for the great service.  You and your team have made this very easy from start to finish.  Everything was packed very well and, the gentlemen who delivered my items were very professional."

            From: A Happy Corporate Customer

            Chandler, AZ


            • "Jalyn,

             The service that was provided by you and the shipping/packing company was excellent and I don’t have any complains or notes. The process was smooth beyond what I expected. Thank you for all your help and I hope I will have the same experience here in Qatar."

            Rami Makhoul, Dell Corporation